NUSC offers those players who want to make a stronger commitment to their development within the game that opportunity for a more intense soccer experience. Competitive teams are referred to as Select, because players are selected through try-outs, typically held the third week of June. Competitive teams are sometimes referred to as travel teams, because one half of the games are away (up to 60-120 minute drive). When the numbers of players allow, NUSC fields competitive boy’s and girl’s teams in the U10, U12, U14 and high school age groups. It is generally understood that U10 thru U14 players commit to both fall and spring seasons, although single season membership is possible.

The primary goal of competitive soccer is to develop as a player in a fun, safe, competitive environment. We play against very well trained teams as a member of the Grand Valley Soccer Association (GVSA), and must rise to the challenge. Teams train at least twice per week, and play 8 games in the fall and 8 games in the spring. At this level, involvement in other evening sports during the soccer seasons is generally discouraged. High school aged teams are single season-girls in the fall, and boys in the spring.

Coaches are required to hold, at minimum, an E license through the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association.  New coaches with extensive soccer experience may be granted a one year grace period to acquire the license.  U14 and high school age coaches are encouraged to acquire the D license.


NUSC offers no experience necessary recreational soccer leagues for children ages 5 to 13. Children divide into teams according to their age on July 31. If they are under six years of age they play Under Six (U6), etc. Children who are six or seven years old on July 31 play in the Under Eight division. Our age groups are U6, U8, U0, U12 and U14. NUSC is a member league of the United States Youth Soccer Association, and has adopted their rules for youth soccer. The rules of play change a bit as the kids get older. The most noticeable changes are the number of players on the fields at one time, the size of the fields, the goals, and the balls.

The goal of recreational soccer is to develop as a player in a fun, safe environment. The focus changes a bit as the kids grow, but developing good soccer technique is the principle coaching goal throughout. Teams typically practice once per week. We have a six game fall season, and a six game spring season.  Players wear the club jersey to all games.  At each game, one team wears yellow pinnies over their jerseys to descriminate between the teams.  These jerseys are provided to U6 players and can be worn for several seasons.  New jerseys are available for purchase for $15.

Coaches are volunteers, and are typically parents, most of whom know little about soccer when they start coaching.  Our coaches tend to grow with the players. If you ask them, they’ll tell you, they have a great time.  If you have some soccer experience, consider sharing it.  If you don’t, consider sharing what you can. Parents are expected to help out in whatever way they can: providing snacks, assisting the coach, marking fields, helping with registration events, jersie distribution, serving on the board of directors or a committee…we are a volunteer based group assisting with registration or other club needs.